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Los Altos Farmers’ Market

Opening Thursday May 7th 4-8pm! The farmers’ market has expanded with more organic farmers selling the local produce that they grew, along with your favorite prepared foods, bakeries, and more. The Los Altos Farmers’ Market is presented by Los Altos Village Association.

Los Altos Farmers' Market serves Santa Clara County, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Santa Clara County. With organic farms and small family farmers, farm fresh fruits and vegetables are local and healthy at the Los Altos Farmers’ Market.

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California Farmers' Markets Association Spring Crop Watch

Farmers’ Market Spring Crop Watch

Agriculture is dependent on many factors. Although this is a list of the expected crops, sometimes fruits and vegetables are a little earlier or a little later to arrive than expected.
May has beautiful cut flowers, sweet local strawberries, and many organic vegetable varieties. Look forward to cherries, and other sweet fruits as the season progresses. The Bay Area is surrounded by different micro-climates, which each has a little different growing season. See more crop watch updates here.

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Seasonal Recipes

A few delicious seasonal recipes…